Poloniex chat



Here is a link to their page. This page is intended to serve as a Poloniex Exchange since Poloniex shut down the trollbox chat today I am thinking about creating an alternative. Just a website with a big chat box and no ads to discuss current altcoin trends etc. I actually bought my first altcoin as a newbie from a recommendation I got from the trollbox and made like 100% profit.

Poloniex chat

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For further information, please see our FAQ here. POLONIEX charts. Trade History, Volume, Market Depth Email Tips Use an email address that you will have for a long time. Do not use throwaway, university, or work emails.

Jan 04, 2021 · Poloniex offers relatively low fees, however, not as low as Binance that is a direct competitor to Poloniex and charges only 0.1%. Note: The maker is the person that provides liquidity. For example, if Chris is looking to sell 2 ETH at $600, he is the market maker.

The broker has a professional customer support team that is available via Live Chat and social media. There is no contact telephone number provided on the Poloniex website.

Account access for Poloniex US customers has been reopened, and supported assets have been traded into USD Coin (USDC). Funds are now available for withdrawal. Please withdraw your USDC before April 1, 2020 to avoid being charged fees. For further information, please see our FAQ here.

Poloniex expands its service with fiduciary currencies Buy Bitcoin with the dollar Poloniex customers, spread across more than 80 countries, will be able to transfer funds… Downvoting a post can decrease pending rewards and make it less visible. 3/16/2018 Poloniex can be found at the TOP-5 among all exchanges in terms of sales. It ranks first in terms of sales of Ether. One of the reasons for such a mind-blowing success of the platform is great opportunities for trade in cryptocurrencies, safe and profitable exchange of digital coins, lending. 2.10. Config per Coin¶.

Poloniex is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange for both experienced and amateur cryptocurrency traders. It offers a range of crypto markets, advanced trade types, as well as margin trading and crypto lending, which makes it a convenient place for traders from all walks of life.

Poloniex chat

Whomever did this made ~450 transactions for nearly no gain. I suspect the only money that was made was through the transaction fees. (No I did not have 2 FA enabled.) SHM I have been read May 22, 2017 · Another member just made the comment: Quote Polo - Co-incidentally had some strange issue where one could submit only selling orders and not buying ones on XRP. I also posted up the DDOS question earlier on the prior XRP rallies (at least 3 of them) getting wiped out due to Poloniex trading going You can chat with other traders and our moderators in our legendary crypto chat-room. It is a gathering place for people with a passion for crypto and a love for Poloniex. Although the Trollbox is located in the bottom right of the page, you can expand it to a separate window by clicking the box on the top of it. Step by step overview on how to buy Bitcoin on Poloniex.

Poloniex provides both HTTP and websocket APIs for interacting with the exchange. Both allow read access to public market data and private read access to your account. Private write access to your account is available via the private HTTP API. 4/2/2017 Founded in 2014, Poloniex is a global crypto-to-crypto exchange headquartered in Seychelles. As of Feb 2020, it has over 100 markets available for spot trading and offers features such as margin trading, lending, and staking. Poloniex allows users to trade on the web, Android, iOS, Websocket, and HTTP APIs. Poloniex Review: Key Features.

This happened to me, I was a top tier user and have since removed all my assets from this exchange. I've spoken to a few other victims who are uniting. Poloniex used to be a decent and sizable exchange but is now run by a scam gang. Poloniex.

I don’t understand why this is happening and how long it’s going to take to fix. Currently doge is listed at 50 cents in Poloniex whereas other exchanges have it at 80 cents. Must be at least 8 characters long. A random, alphanumeric password of at least 32 characters is recommended.

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Reach out to us with   The latest Tweets from Poloniex Exchange (@Poloniex). Bring it to the legendary OG #Poloniex #Trollbox to talk all things crypto with fellow traders  А у нас свой #clubhouse в телеграмм-сообществе #Poloniex Russian. Через час мы проведем еженедельный аудио чат для наших пользователей. Первую  1 авг 2017 мы рассмотрели новые правила биржи, и рассказали главные тезисы каждого пункта. Вот ссылка на них https://poloniex.com/terms/ Download Poloniex Crypto Exchange and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The embedded chat box is just the cherry on top!

Poloniex stole 1800btc, clam incident Poloniex stole from its customers on 26th May 2019, 1800btc. That was the clam incident. Since then they paid back 10% of that amount and nothing else. Stay away from an exchange that after more than a year has not paid back its customers.

It offers a range of crypto markets, advanced trade types, as well as margin trading and crypto lending, which makes it a convenient place for traders from all walks of life. 9/7/2020 NEWS: Poloniex is quite overloaded at the moment, the support is answering very slowly and the website itself is quite slow and using lots of your computers resources.

Overall, Poloniex customer support leaves a lot to be desire, and is certainly one of its weakest points.